KFConsole: the gaming console from KFC

KFConsole - Gaming Console by KFC

(Source: CoolerMaster)

Today evening I was browsing through YouTube and landed up on this Lew Later’s video. That caught my eye with a flash. That really the chicken king KFC launched their Gaming Console with great specs. After a lilttle bit of more research and the articles floating around made it clear that the food-gaint is up for ‘gaming’.

This is an effort of KFC and Cooler Master to bring a gaming machine with a built-in chicken chamber. So cook chicken while you’re playing games and have it right away. This seems a little quirky, although it sounds awesome at the same time.

It was quite intemedated that food-gaint is coming forward in the gaming section and nailing it to the expectation. KFC gaming was already in the buzz for quite a bit of time, and now with console makes it clear that they want to stay in and compete.

I  checked the specifications on the Cooler Master’s landing page and it seems a console killer.

KFConsole tech specs are:

  • Processor: Intel Core i9 9th Gen | Intel Nuc 9 Extreme Compute Element
  • GPU: An unknown Asus RTX-supported graphics card in the rig’s “hot-swappable GPU slot”
  • Storage: 1 TB Seagate SSDs x2 (Firecuda and Barracuda)
  • Chassis: Cutom buils from Cooler Master looks exactly like a big Chicken Bucket from KFC with bulit-in Chicken Chamber
  • VR-ready with Ray-Tracing technology, 240FPS with 240Hz output, and 4K-quality gaming

Now with specs it seems like its real-deal for gamers and many users might switch to KFConsole, if it out-performs ultimately.

Althoguh @KFCgaming has already declared themselves as the best and will be ending the console war with KFConsole.

Finally the time has come to see another gaming console.

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