Motowrokr: The Medical Smartphones



Smartphones are the best choice and benefitting professionals with convenient apps that now schedule their life. Now, there’s a new concept smartphone will be having specifically to medical professionals or doctors or students called the Motoworkr.

Motoworkr is designed or developed by an Italian Designer Marco Vanella, the Motoworkr smartphone convert itself as a tool to help doctors and nurses with regular health checkups and provides first-aid during emergencies. The phone also has a Bluetooth thermometer and tensiometro port that reads medical cards to update or transfer health records of patients.

Motoworkr will give the flexibility to keep the work and record for each and every patient very frequently and accurately. The smartphone will also going to have some more functionality like sugar testing, Blood Pressure measuring, Calcium checking, work as a hearing aid, color blindness testing etc. which will makes it pure medical gadget. The phone will launch in many varieties according to the work field.

Tweeting Console

tweet_console one of the best social networking website basically for the updating your status of "What are you doing?" which also called as the "Micro-blogging". There are a lot of applications which are made for the twitter to update frequently from your PCs and mobiles. And now the tweeples can get more benefit because there is a new console is getting launch in the market for the Twitter which is "Twitter X-Box 360".


The Twitter Xbox 360 will definitely cause tweeples and Xbox fans to raise a few numbers of questions like: Would it automatically tweet gaming results? Can it help players socially connect with other gamers worldwide?

Nothing is finalized if the Twitter Xbox 360 is indeed in the works. However, it does not matter that it could never happen. The coming era of social media/networking has been into modernity of the peoples today.

Windows Phone 7 on Nokia

WP7 Nokia

Recently there were so many rumors online that the Nokia and Microsoft are in discussion for the partnership. The discussion was not for Windows Phone 7 Applications to run on Nokia mobiles but the discussion was Nokia should start manufacturing the mobile phones running Windows Phone 7 on them.

Till now there are no official handsets numbers are not announced yet, but Nokia seems to be very interesting in launching the Windows Phone 7 mobiles in the market. Nokia would also like to join the league of Dell, HTC, LG, Samsung and some other companies if these rumors are true. This might be a very strange partnership between Microsoft & Nokia even the Nokia’s support for Symbian.

Nokia is a very big gun in the mobile phone’s market and mainly known for its hardware, creating innovative handsets for the market but their software or OS Symbian seems to be declining from last sometime because the Apple’s iPhone iOS and Google Android has launched into the market and they are giving Symbian and Nokia a very big competition.

According to a Russian news source (, says that the Microsoft and Nokia have been in talks from some past months about the manufacturing of the Windows Phone 7 handsets by Nokia. If Nokia starts manufacturing the Windows Phone 7 handsets this may be Microsoft is looking for the increase their sales of the Windows Phone to an extent level.

Apple Mac App Store launching soon (on 6th Jan, 2010)


After iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad Apple Inc. has announced the App. Store for the Mac as well. The Mac App Store will start form 6th January, 2011. So, for all the Mac users its easy to find and download their favorite mac applications. This will be a very efficient work from Apple to make the app store more famous & make the Mac users work easier & convenient.

Users can browse the Mac App Store by some categories like Music, Games, and productivity tools and may more apps or users can also make quick search in the app store to find their apps more easily by providing some given keywords as we all use to do on search engines. App store also gives you the   facility to read the developer’s description & users review with their liking and rating. Users can also go through with the screenshots of the apps, whenever you like them click them and buy them.

The mac app store is also giving the new way of installation on your Mac. Now it will be much easier than before you just need to click it once then it will install automatically. You just need to enter the same iTunes user id and password which you have for the iPod, iPhone & iPad. Then all the files will be downloaded on your mac come into the dock of it.