SQLAuthority News – Public Training Classes In Hyderabad 12-14 May – Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 Query Optimization & Performance Tuning

After successfully delivering many corporate trainings as well as the private training Solid Quality Mentors, India is launching the Public Training in Hyderabad for SQL Server 2008 and SharePoint 2010. This is going to be one of the most unique and one-of-a-kind events in India where Solid Quality Mentors are offering public classes. I will be leading the training on Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 Query Optimization & Performance Tuning. This intensive, 3-day course intends to give attendees an in-depth look at Query Optimization and Performance Tuning in SQL Server 2005 and 2008. Designed to prepare SQL Server developers and administrators for a transition into SQL Server 2005 or 2008, the course covers the best practices for a variety of essential tasks in order to maximize the performance. At the end of the course, there would be daily discussions about your real-world problems and find appropriate solutions.

Note: Scroll down for course fees, discount, dates and location. Do not forget to take advantage of Discount code ‘SQLAuthority‘.

The training premises are very well-equipped as they will be having 1:1 computers. Every participant will be provided with printed course materials. I will pick up your entire lunch tab and we will have lots of SQL talk together. The best participant will receive a special gift at the end of the course.

Even though the quality of the material to be delivered together with the course will be of extremely high standard, the course fees are set at a very moderate rate.

The fee for the course is INR 14,000/person for the whole 3-day convention. At the rate of 1 USD = 44 INR, this fee converts to less than USD 300. At this rate, it is totally possible to fly from anywhere from the world to India and take the training and still save handsome pocket money. It would be even better if you register using the discount code “SQLAuthority“, for you will instantly get an INR 3000 discount, reducing the total cost of the training to INR 11,000/person for whole 3 days course. This is a onetime offer and will not be available in the future. Please note that there will be a 10.3% service tax on course fees.

To register, either send an email to IndiaInfo@SolidQ.com or call +91 95940 43399 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting   +91 95940 43399 end_of_the_skype_highlighting. Feel free to drop me an email at pinal “at” SQLAuthority.com for any additional information and clarification.

Training Date and Time: May 12-14, 2010 10 AM- 6 PM.
Training Venue:
Abridge Solutions, #90/B/C/3/1,
Ganesh GHR & MSY Plaza,
Vittalrao Nagar,
Near Image Hospital,
Madhapur, Hyderabad – 500 081.

The details of the course is as listed below.

Day 1 : Strengthen the basics along with SQL Server 2005/2008 New Features

Module 01: Subqueries, Ranking Functions, Joins and Set Operations
Module 02: Table Expressions
Module 03: TOP and APPLY
Module 04: SQL Server 2008 Enhancements

Day 2: Query Optimization & Performance Tuning 1

Module 05: Logical Query Processing
Module 06: Query Tuning
Module 07:  Introduction to the Query Processor
Module 08:  Review of common query coding which causes poor performance

Day 3: Query Optimization & Performance Tuning 2

Module 09:  SQL Server Indexing and index maintenance
Module 10:  Plan Guides, query hints, UDFs, and Computed Columns
Module 11:  Understanding SQL Server Execution Plans
Module 12: Real World Index and Optimization Tips


We are also going to have SharePoint 2010 training by Joy Rathnayake on 10-11 May. All the details for discount applies to the same as well.

Reference : Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

Download the complete PDF brochure.

AB’s SQL Server day – April 24, Saturday at Microsoft (Gurgaon)

SQLServerGeeks.com & PeoplewareIndia.com cordially invite you to AB’s SQL Server day on 24th April 2010 (Saturday) at Microsoft Gurgaon from 10.30 am to 2 pm. Register at http://www.eDominer.com/CL/Registration1.aspx

Note: Registration is a must. Its free event.

Amit Bansal & Sarabpreet Singh will present power-packed sessions. This is a community event and is absolutely free. Session details are as follows:


10.30 am to 10.45 am – Introduction


Topic 1: Backup & Restore

Speaker: Sarabpreet Singh

Time: 10.45 am to 12 noon


  • Guidelines for good backup Strategy,
  • Role of recovery models in Backup Restore,
  • Precautions while switching Recovery Models,
  • How to avoid common pitfalls in Backup Restore,
  • Tweaking to get maximum Performance in Backup Restore


12 noon to 12.30 pm – Refreshments & Networking


Topic 2: SQL Server Spatial stuff

Speaker: Amit Bansal

Time: 12.30 pm to 1.45 pm


You might have attended many sessions (online webcasts & physical events) that show you how to insert & retrieve spatial data to and from a database in SQL Server 2008. You might have seen standard demos and code snippets that insert data into Geometry/Geography data type in a table and then easily retrieve it using T-SQL. But do you really know what spatial data is all about? Do you understand what is Geo-Spatial stuff is all about? Fathom this – Coordinate Systems, Cartesian coordinate systems, World Geodetic System, Spatial Reference System, Geographic Coordinate System, Spherical Coordinate System, etc. Already confused? Well, Spatial support is just not about 2 data types, it’s a whole world of complex data and Amit Bansal will make this difficult concept easy for you to understand and implement. Amit will present a well-balanced session with delivery of strong concepts followed by crisp demos. Get ready to develop your own Geo Spatial application !

1.45 pm to 2 pm – Closing note

Date: 24th April 2010, Saturday

Time: 10.30 am to 2 pm

Venue: Microsoft, CyberGreen towers, DLF Phase II, 9th Floor, Gurgaon

Contact: Rishu Mehra: 9818562858

Registration link: http://www.eDominer.com/CL/Registration1.aspx

We look forward to your participation. Please forward this email to your friends & colleagues to make them aware of the event. Do spread the word by blogging about it and posting it in relevant forums. Your efforts in spreading the word will be highly appreciated.

Microsoft TechED India 2010: Day 1

Microsoft TechED India, 2010 was started today & it was really awesome here. This a rocking event ever in India here around more than 5000 techies come here under 1 roof for the Microsoft’s Technologies.

Keynote session by Mr. Somasegar S was really good & Visual Studio 2010 got launched today here by Mr. Somasegar S only.

The endless sessions of different different technologies are here & you can get a chance here to get a hands on experience on Microsoft Surface and u can play X-Box for whole day. You can give Microsoft Ceritifaction here @ a good discount &  some of the certifications are here.

A lot of MVPs are @ the Community Track. Who all are here at the Microsoft TechED then please follow the community track. I am there for the whole day long.

Any point of time, feel free to reach me @ : +91-9818562858

Microsoft TechED India 2010 ROCKZ!!..

Why Hackers Hate Windows 7?

If you are a hacker you love when you can dig into a system and start to learn it from the inside out. You take the time and learn every intricacy that is in the system.. You know that there are millions of lines of code that you will have to comb through, so you know that an exploit will be found eventually. Knowing these small facts will let you be able to bend the machine to your will, especially if you have a trick that no one knows about. This can all change in an instant when the owner of the software makes any significant changes to it.

You hope that all of the upgrades that are on the new version have nothing to do with the break points that you have found but more than likely there will be new blocks that you will have to hurdle.

This is why hackers are having a hard time with the new Windows 7 operating system.


Windows 7 Improves Security With Rewritten Code:

Even though Microsoft has kept some backwards compatibility, they have rewritten a lot of the operating system software that was lying underneath. They have made big changes to the code that runs the kernel and also the code that manages the memory. Changes such as this can lead to old exploits not working the same way, as they were before. Now the hackers, especially the black hat hackers, have to dig through all of that code once again so they can find new points of weakness.

Even though they might love doing it, it is a time consuming process and there are only so many hours in the day. When you have all of the work that you have done, ruined by a simple patch, then you can get quite frustrated. Even though an upgraded Windows 7 operating system may upset black hat hackers, this is a great thing for the users of the operating system.

To know more: http://www.merawindows.com/Forums/tabid/324/forumid/96/threadid/48729/scope/posts/Default.aspx