Microsoft TechED India 2010: Day 1

Microsoft TechED India, 2010 was started today & it was really awesome here. This a rocking event ever in India here around more than 5000 techies come here under 1 roof for the Microsoft’s Technologies.

Keynote session by Mr. Somasegar S was really good & Visual Studio 2010 got launched today here by Mr. Somasegar S only.

The endless sessions of different different technologies are here & you can get a chance here to get a hands on experience on Microsoft Surface and u can play X-Box for whole day. You can give Microsoft Ceritifaction here @ a good discount &  some of the certifications are here.

A lot of MVPs are @ the Community Track. Who all are here at the Microsoft TechED then please follow the community track. I am there for the whole day long.

Any point of time, feel free to reach me @ : +91-9818562858

Microsoft TechED India 2010 ROCKZ!!..

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