8 tips to consider while buying a gaming laptop

Razer gaming laptop, my favorite

Are you buying a gaming laptop? Do you know what to look for while buying a gaming laptop? There is already big buzz around with Asus ROG (Republic Of Gamers) series, Lenovo Y & Legion series, MSI laptops, Acer’s Predator, Dell’s Alienware and Razer is the grand-daddy in manufacturing gaming laptops & accessories.

Razer gaming laptop, my favorite
Razer gaming laptop, my favorite

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On a personal note I like Razer gaming machines and accessories more than any other brand whereas Asus ROG is my second favorite when it comes to gaming laptops.

Many people have this question that why to have a separate series of laptops for gaming? Even though many games can be easily installed and played on personal or business laptop. Continue reading “8 tips to consider while buying a gaming laptop”

Got a new smartphone, then don’t go for protection plan with @OneAssist_in. It’s a money minting scam..

We all always want to own a Premium Smartphone like iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy but we control our crave for it by thinking of if it get damaged physically and liquid damage is worst than imagination. That’s why companies like OneAssist come forward to ensure any kind of damage will be taken care of and you use your “Premium” smartphone rigorously just by paying a small amount of money to them. Even with this they offer door-step pick-up and delivery to save customer’s time, which sounds really awesome.

This sounds super cool, and OneAssist not only offer these services for premium smartphones it goes beyond that. You can get these services for your budget mobile devices, home appliances and can register your banking cards for the better protection which gives 360 degree of protection to all the ‘substances’ you own. Continue reading “Got a new smartphone, then don’t go for protection plan with @OneAssist_in. It’s a money minting scam..”

How to: Convert 2D object to 3D in PowerPoint for Mac 2016

We interact with the objects around us, there are enormous number of them, but every object has its own shape, size & style. Through which we identify and understand the use of these objects in our daily life. So, while getting them on screen make sure that these shapes should look-a-like the real object as in our daily life.

PowerPoint provides us the better solution for these shapes to convert them into real life object which means we can convert a 2D shape into 3D Object for better representation. This makes user or audience understand your thoughts or point of information which you want to deliver through your presentation.

Here’s how we do it: Continue reading “How to: Convert 2D object to 3D in PowerPoint for Mac 2016”

How to: Increase or Decrease Undos limit in PowerPoint for Mac 2016

Undo shortcut key Command + Z

We do mistakes a lot while working and mistakes always makes us learn a lot. But computing gives we pleasure to edit the mistakes. While designing the Presentations we always have the issue with limited numbers of undo. This is one the major issue we use to face in our daily life for creating presentations and sometimes ‘Command + Z‘  becomes routine and it sucks when it touches the limit so early.

Undo shortcut key Command + Z
Undo shortcut key Command + Z

It’s very hard to keep a count of Undo(s) while editing/creating the content. Actually, this limit is editable and by-default  ’20’ Undo(s) limit is mentioned in Microsoft PowePoint for Mac.

You can increase or decrease the limit according to your requirement.

Here I’ll show how we do it: Continue reading “How to: Increase or Decrease Undos limit in PowerPoint for Mac 2016”

Some useful ‘Run’ commands for your daily work (on Windows)

Microsoft Windows is the biggest OS that we use in our daily life. Whether we use in our personal life or we use it in business life. Windows has perfect blend to get the job done of every flavor. It doesn’t matter whether you are a developer or an IT Professional or an end-user like sales person, marketing employee, arts & designing student Microsoft has designed Windows in fashion that it works for everyone, any time. The user-friendly deal of Windows makes it easy for everyone to use.

Run is the feature of Windows that enables users to enter a command or a program keyword to open it straightaway without browsing through in ‘Start Menu’ or in ‘Windows Explorer’.

Run command shortcut keys

Its fun and fast to play with run commands. To Open Run quickly, shortcut is “Win+R” Windows button + R key. Here few of the ‘run’ commands listed of program and features that we use daily and browse all the time.

Program Name Commands
Microsoft Office:
PowerPoint powerpnt
Word winword
Excel excel
Access msaccess
OneNote onenote
Publisher mspub
Outlook outlook
Other Daily Applications:
Skype for business lync
Internet Explorer iexplore
Internet Setup Wizard inetwiz
Windows Explorer explorer
MS Paint mspaint
Movie Maker moviemk
Windows Log Off logoff
Windows Media Player wmplayer
Wordpad write
Notepad notepad
Mozilla Firefox firefox
Google Chrome chrome
Windows Shut Down shutdown
Magnifier magnify
Calculator calc
Accessibility, Utilities & Control:
Accessibility Controls access.cpl
Add Hardware Wizard hdwwiz.cpl
Add/Remove Programs appwiz.cpl
Administrative Tools control admintools
Automatic Updates wuaucpl.cpl
Check Disk Utility chkdsk
Clipboard Viewer clipbrd
DOS (Command Prompt) cmd
Computer Management compmgmt.msc
Control Panel control
Date & Time Prop. timedate.cpl
Device Manager devmgmt.msc
Diplay Prop. desk.cpl
Driver Verify Utility verifier
Folder Prop. folders
Fonts control fonts
Fonts Folder fonts
IP Configuration ipconfig
Keyboard Prop. control keyboard
Network Connections ncpa.cpl
On Screen keyboard osk
System Properties sysdm.cpl
System Info msinfo32
Windows System Security Tools syskey
Windows Version winver
Power Config. powercfg.cpl

Keep using these run commands to do your work with a good pace as these commands saves a lot of time, from browsing through start menu or other programs.

5 future tech-trends to change your life

Technology is most powerful medium to change the trends and the way we do our daily work or business. Now your watch can also connect to internet to perform all computer tasks on your wrist. There are many other technologies reaching the market that can be revolutionary for the future.

Holographic 3D Projection Systems:
Holographic projection system is no more Iron Man or Pay Check movie VFX. Now you can play games, present business videos & presentations, 3D designing etc. with new age Holographic Projection systems. Images and video projects in air above the device at the height of up to 8’3 which operates in full color, offer holographs that have a “realistic optical presence and spatial quality.”

3d Holographic Projection
(Source: Trend Hunter)

Ink Free Photo Printers:

Portable printing device are out now for smartphones and Bluetooth devices to connect with apps and print anytime, anywhere you need. Being in an early age for Ink Free printers there is limitation of black and white print out only. These printers require thermal printing papers that doesn’t require ink refiling cartridges. These printers can print anything which is there on your smartphone screen. Ink Free printers can have backup of 120 hours to make it really portable perfect and makes you stay connected remotely all the time.

InkFree Printers
(Source: Trend Hunter)
Sign Language Translators:
Prof. Roozbeh Jafari at Texas A&M University invented a wearable device that translates American style of Sign Language into English (tough competition to Google Translator nowJ). With the help of smartphone application and Bluetooth connectivity, the device allows easier communication for deaf people. All the wrist and finger gestures are recorded and sends in the application that converts all these signs to English according to American Sign Language. Currently the device is in prototype stage and can recognize 40 words where as it is estimated that American Sign Language has 300 words.

Sign Language Translator Device
(Source: Trend Hunter)

Obscurely Shaped PCs:
While travelling there is always a dilemma to carry out a tablet or a notebook. But with the new generation obscure shaped PCs problem can have a solution as it offers one half tablet and one desktop machine. These devices are ready for pre-booking. They also features bunch of USB ports, HDMI ports and Ethernet (or LAN) ports that gives a good PC experience in compact design.
Obscurely Shaped PCs
(Source: Trend Hunter)

Wireless Folding Keyboards:
A device which is quite demanding for all the bloggers, writers and social media experts. This foldable keyboard can fit in your pocket very easily. Also it’s compatible with all the smartphone platforms so you can benefit your writing anywhere and anytime. So, don’t hesitate while writing on your iPhone or Android phone.
Wireless folding keyboard
(Source: Trend Hunter)

How programming can help non-tech/non-programming guys?

Bill Gates on learning to code

(Source: Code.Org)

Many people love to code because they love the challenge to solve problems by a programming language, plus they are excited for computers & want to build career creating websites, mobile and desktop applications. But what happens to those guys who don’t want to build career doing that but still learn ‘how to code’.

Large number of people don’t like to learn programming as it is time consuming and they have lack of interest. But today, we are always surrounded with computing devices & gadgets from our mobile to cars and wrist watches have become sort of computing devices to make our daily tasks more productive. If computers are at all parts of our life then learning to code is going to improve your life.

Even once Apple’s Co-Founder Steve Jobs saidI think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.

The biggest benefit of learning to code is that it teaches you an iterative approach of solving problems and test our ideas in more dynamic way. Computer programming is not a rocket science whereas it’s a ‘life utility’ that can help you in automating your tasks, provide critical thinking for a process and teaches you how to actually start.

What should I create first? Should that be something big?

That’s the most basic problem with most of the people who start learning computer programming. Because many people think programming can only be utilized for big tasks and big business only.

For programming it doesn’t matter which kind of program you want to build. What matters is building something that is useful for your daily routine. It shouldn’t have to be something big. You can start with a “Hello World” program and later on you can think or invent something that can ease your work.

Some people use programming in their professional and personal life to automate their processes. Like one of my friend he is a video editor uses a python script in his work place to automatically create folders for the day and video course wise. That script asks for the location to create folder and number of folders to be created. Being a video editor using python script isn’t the part of his job but he still uses it to make his work life easier and save time by creating each folder manually for each location.

With the present culture of SMEs and MNCs it’s important that every professional should have at least basic understanding of programming. If you guys don’t know how to code but still learn some basics of it. There are many online channels available like: CodeCademy, Code.org, Udemy, edX, etc. to learn computer programming.

So learn how to code and make your life much easier than ever before

Top 10 ways to grow #Followers or #Connections on @LinkedIn

Networking is the key to achievement today for everyone on LinkedIn. Many MNCs and SMEs connect with their customers over the professional network. Even with the current situation of social media organizations are investing in as a necessity because it is the easiest way to engage with customer. This also grows the professional networking to get more business opportunity.

Does a huge no. of network matters?

Connecting with more 1st Degree, with 2nd Degree and 3rd Degree connections or followers make your profile visibility up in the LinkedIn search. Search engine reacts accordingly to degree of connections you have. If you miss out on any of the degree your company will not visible in that degree of connection search. So it simply means that huge number of connections or followers matters when you need your online visibility everywhere.

Tip 1: Make strategy to get 1st Degree connection:

Strategically build your connections with 1st degree profile as they are the industry leaders and many people follow the connections of these 1st degree profiles. Even though LinkedIn search engine algorithm will place your profile on top accordingly.

Tip 2: Personalize connection request

Don’t just send the “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” as Invitation request. Make your connection feel engaging with you from the start. Personalize or edit the default invitation request according to the person you meet.

Personalized invitation message on LinkedIn

Tip 3: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Optimize you LinkedIn page according to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Include all the relevant keywords in your description and posts to get more traffic and followers. Especially in long Posts if you are putting the relevant keyword tend to get you more traffic from search engines.

Tip 4: Promote LinkedIn through other social and marketing channels

Share your LinkedIn page on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora etc. Use LinkedIn plug-in on your blog or company website with LinkedIn Share button for each blog post and always send a link of your LinkedIn page in marketing or any communication mailers.

Tip 5: Regularly share content

For more interaction post useful and interactive content regularly. Post at least once a day to keep the engagement going on. Multi-media content is best to share on LinkedIn. Without continuous content updating your profile is unlikely grow and gives you less or irrelevant followers.

Tip 6: LinkedIn groups

Create and connect with industry related groups on LinkedIn. Periodically share your blog posts, updates and engage with industry experts in the group to keep the discussion going on.

Tip 7: Ask for endorsement

LinkedIn endorsement is great way to show your professional skills to get notice and value your skills & knowledge. So request your work colleagues and managers to endorse you on LinkedIn. Also send a personal Thank You message to everyone who endorse you.

Tip 8: Use links for better engagement

Make sure to include links in your posts to provide source of your post and data. According to survey LinkedIn Posts with link generate 45% higher engagement than those without.

Tip 9: Ask your employees to add company page on their profiles

If your employees are on LinkedIn ask them to add company page as their workplace. By doing this an employee automatically becomes a follower of the company page.

Tip 10: Engage with connections update also

Keep an eye on your wall regularly to engage with connections and followers on their posts. You can start a relationship with people in your network by start commenting on their post or update. This leads to more visibility and people will know more about your online existence.  

What will happen: if Microsoft starts offering OneDrive as ‘unlimited cloud storage’ to every user for ‘free’?

The SkyDrive inventor Microsoft currently possesses the beauty of cloud with Windows Azure and OneDrive. Where Windows Azure deals with every part of cloud IaaS, PaaS & SaaS specializing for every class of companies and developers, in other words exclusively for business players and geeks. But OneDrive the new name of SkyDrive is exclusively for consumers or end users.

According to Fortunein November 2014 “Dropbox claims 300 million users as of May. Google Drive has 240 million users as of September. Microsoft says OneDrive has ‘more than’ 250 million users.”

Currently Microsoft offers 15GB of cloud storage with every Hotmail / Windows Live / Outlook accounts but any user can buy more storage up to 1 TB at $6.99 per month including Office 365.

Imagine if Microsoft start offering actually unlimited space on OneDrive for free of cost with each Outlook / Hotmail / Windows Live account. Then world will surely start migrating only to OneDrive whether it is business or personal use. There are so many features and services such as file syncing, mobility, creating and editing documents, playing music and videos etc. that matter a lot to the user with file storage. With this Microsoft is already dealing very positively as they are providing interoperable apps across devices and Office Web Apps are really awesome to create and share documents, presentations and spreadsheets on-the-go. So, people will start backing-up their music, videos and entertainment files on OneDrive only. Even though Microsoft can implement OneDrive as an OS for future PCs and mobile / tablet devices, in which there will be no HDD or SSD you just log in and start working straight away in the cloud mode. Then imagine future will have no piracy, increased security, no bothering of data loss in case of device theft or stealing or damage.
For business also there will be a massive return on investment as they won’t be buying heavy licenses for media apps, office productivity suite and sharing among the team will be much easier then every before. Accounting will be just a matter of few clicks. That can totally convert the face of every business unit with a great transformation. So, I can’t wait to see this future where working and entertainment will be merged together for everyone.

But does this mean massive Gmail, Amazon Cloud Drive & DropBox users will migrate to Outlook and OneDrive? There is no straight answer in regard to it. But surely that can give a big diversion among all the cloud providers. Cloud Vendors will also go for OneDrive only to provide corporates the 0% downtime cloud storage.
Well, Microsoft already claims 400 Million active users / accounts, but does this actually means that there are currently 400 Million active OneDrive users too? Well, that can be an assumption. But for sure Microsoft is one of the leading consumer based cloud storage provider and this kind of offering can change the whole cloud game. Competition will be then depends only on the basis features, services and fast performance.