Awesome news! @Neverware #CloudReady is now part of @Google

Chrome OS is in buzz from the start. Chrome OS always impressed users due to its durability and quickness. It was a little difficult to get hands-on with Chrome OS and Neverware acted with it as a wish.

Not so long ago NetBooks were the big tech buzz and then Google offered a big paradigm shift to the market with Chromebooks. Light and powerful laptops loaded with Chrome OS. It is a perfect blend of hardware with software to perform daily tasks.

Neverware with CloudReady are now acquired by Google
Neverware with CloudReady is now acquired by Google

So what Neverware actually did with the Chrome OS ecosystem?

Do you own have an old laptop that you are not using anymore? Would you believe that can be converted into a Chromebook? Yes, that’s what Neverware offered with CloudReady to convert your laptop to a Chromebook. So that your normal tasks such as web browsing, checking Gmail. binge-watch Netflix, editing documents, and other tasks can be done from it. With the power of Chrome OS.

CloudReady is a system that makes things right for you by giving your laptop a second life with Chrome OS utilities for better ROI.

Offering Chrome OS off-the-shelf is a big deal here with CloudReady. Simple installation and quick onboarding make it unique. So, with this enterprise, education, and a normal home user can use Chrome OS, for free.

Even though in one of my earlier posts Why Google should launch Chrome OS in ISO file so that more users can be reached. That’s where Neverware’s CloudReady filled the gap. Connecting the user with the correct, lightweight, and easy OS to power up the laptop.

In this way, Neverware contributed to the Chrome OS project and benefitted a large user base. Now with the latest announcement on Neverware’s website, it is clear that Google has acquired Neverware which was expected, and according to me, it’s a great initiative by Google.

Neverware now part of Google
Neverware now part of Google

Now Google can reach more users for Chrome OS and can make it available off-the-shelf for everyone with the latest OS updates and Android Play Store. Also, for now, the existing CloudReady users will not see any changes in the OS and service offerings, everything will remain the same. Now the question is what will be Google’s next move with the acquisition for the OS and how soon they can offer real Chrome OS and Play Store updates to the existing CloudReady users.

Hopefully on my other laptop with the CloudReady system will get an update soon for Android Play Store. Then more apps with better performance can make my work easy,

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