Microsoft @Surface Laptop Go: a budget friendly laptop from @Microsoft?

Microsoft Surface laptops are always in buzz as these are the most premium based Windows laptops. Just like Google and Apple, Microsoft is offering the perfect blend of OS with hardware for best performance. Recently Microsoft launched a budget business laptop Surface Laptop Go.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go
Microsoft Surface Laptop Go

Now the pricing of this budget laptop is quite a whopping $549.99 that actually makes you buy it. Once you look at the configuration of this line up you will crave it like you’re pizza hungry. Surface Laptop Go 12.4″ multi-touch screen PixelSense display with a resolution of 1536 x 1024 (148 PPI) and 3:2 aspect ratio. It is thicker than its previous generation of Surface laptops, yet it is lightweight 2.44 lbs (1,110 g). It comes with Bluetooth 5, 13 hours of battery backup, Intel UHD Graphics, 4GB/8GB RAM, 64/128/256 GB storage, and most importantly Intel 10th Gen i-processors.

Pricing is the king here

Now that’s really a great deal to offer in a budget laptop, especially for business users. A complete Microsoft flagship offering for the $550 laptop is really impressive to look at.

This is a real deal for the guys who do a decent amount of web-browsing, binge watch Netflix, YouTube, & Prime video,  and some basic MS Office related work. In other words perfect for a normal user.

Now that is actually “Smoked by Microsoft” to other budget frenzy laptops. Solid competition to Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and many other laptop OEMs.

Now here is the catch while I was about to purchase the Surface Laptop Go. That is the performance bar. I am concerned about the initial model which is the only $550 laptop with 64 GB storage, 4 GB RAM, and an i5 processor. But this 64 GB Storage is actually an eMMC drive: 64GB. Yes, that is correct, the actual $549.99 amount is for an eMMC Drive which is 64 GB only.

eMMC 64 GB Storage on Microsoft Surface Laptop Go
eMMC 64 GB Storage on Microsoft Surface Laptop Go

I am not just concerned with eMMC drive storage but also storage space. On a 64 GB of space, you will get Windows 10 Home 64-bit that itself takes 20GB to 32 GB of installation and system files. Which makes a major concern to use the storage space wisely. Although with just 4 GB RAM you can’t survive with more than 6-7 tabs of Google Chrome. It will suck RAM like anything. Whereas with cookies, temporary files, and other personal files you maybe cleaning up the laptop space again and again. That task may become an issue after a while.

I recommend not to buy the Surface Laptop Go if you’re going into the budget segment. Microsoft really tried a good thing here in the budget segment, but they fail to put proper storage and RAM. Whereas full-marks to the marketing team for promoting the laptop at its best. Surface Laptop Go is not the worst laptop for sure, as other budget laptops does not offer many features that Microsoft was doing with it. But it will seriously have major performance concerns with time.

Whereas investing in a Chromebook is a wise choice. I know Chromebooks may not give you the full-on Operating System experience but for sure it well worth the money and the web-browsing with binge-watch experience will be phenomenal. Even PixelBook Go is a hundred dollar expensive and has 8th Gen processors yet it will still ensure better performance than Surface Laptop Go.

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