Microsoft To Relase Free Anti Virus Morro Soon!..

Microsoft is about to release a first public beta version of their new free anti-virus software program Morro which is supposed to fill the gap left by the Microsoft One Care demise. Morro seems to be concentrating on being an anti-virus software program without additional modules that allow a user to create backups or use a firewall for extra protection. Those extra modules are on the other hand already available in the Windows 7 operating system which makes Morro the ideal candidate to fill the one layer of protection that is not already shipping with Windows 7: Anti-virus protection.

Microsoft has said "it will provide protection from several types of malicious software including viruses, spyware, rootkits & trojans"

It is not yet clear how Morro will run along with Windows Defender. It basically seems that Morro will be Windows Defender with added capabilities to detect and remove viruses, rootkits and trojans as well as spyware. The anti-virus software is expected to enter public beta stage in the coming months with no exact date given yet.

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Community Tech Days – Delhi: Most Rocking Ever in Delhi!

Hello Freinds,


Yesterday (25/09/09) it was Microsoft CTD (Community Tech Days) in Delhi. This was the biggest event ever in the history of Delhi’s UGs & got a very big participation ever. More than 300 peoples attended the session. Hats Off to all the Speakers –Ranjana Jain, Bijoy Singhal, Abhishek Baxi & Col. Dhanaraj Saripalli for their sessions & the best part was the keynote by Vineet Gupta.

In short I can say the most Rocking & most Electrifying event ever in the Delhi’s UGs.

Special thanks to Supreet Singh & Parveen Kumar for their support & biggest thanks to all the attendees for attending, supporting us & take out the time for the event from their buzy schedule.

Will be making these kind of events in future. Delhi IT Pro & DelhiDevs Rocks once again together.

PPTs & Photos of the event will be uploading very soon.

Rishu Mehra

Windows Azure – BootCamp: Rocks!.

Hello Friends,

On 22nd September, 2009 it was Windows Azure – BootCamp at Microsoft, Gurgaon. The event was rocking & very informative. Got to learn lot of the new things & specially the Cloud Computing. The cool stuffs of Windows Azure are awsesome & it was quite intresting that go to know about the contest of Windows Azure on the grand prize of this contest is a Windows 7 LapTop.

Both the speakers Sudhir Mody & Vikram Rajkondawar were awesome and delivered all the that information which we needed.

Waiting for more events like this one!


Rishu Mehra