5 things to consider while buying a laptop for programming

Software or application development is one the biggest requirement today. All the software engineers today focus on coding better and complex algorithms. The quick and responsive programs keeps the client happy and developers super happy.

For any programmer his partner-in-crime is always the laptop. It is fair to say the developers have to select the computer with strong considerations. As programming requires a lot of computing power, stability, great I/O, hardware compatibility, and a strong platform.

5 things to consider while buying laptop for programming
5 things to consider while buying laptop for programming

There are range of laptops to different programmes as per the language and processing preferences. Today enormous number of laptops confuse a lot because of they have so much to offer off-the-shelf.

So today will guide, on what to look out for while buying your laptop for programming.

CPU over GPU:

CPU over GPU
Consider better CPU over GPU while coding

Well programming is more about how much line of code and files are being compiled together. That requires a lot of CPU power. Whereas, best GPUs can give better gaming experience and if you’re a game developer then surely go for extra GPU power as that is required all the time. Whereas programming languages are usually done a code editors or IDEs that doesn’t require much of GPU. So sufficient amount of GPU is fine. But don’t compromise it over CPU.

So always go for those computers that offer best and latest CPU available in the market. For example go for a laptop that Intel Core i7 10th Gen with decent graphics rather than of Core i5 10th with perfect graphics.


Good keyboard experience
Good keyboard experience

Programmers or coders always have to type a lot. As code modules and programs are usually long and sometimes require to type more than 1000 lines of code in a day. So it is better to go for a laptop that offers best typing experience. There are plenty of laptops from Levono, HP, Acer, and Dell that offers awesome keyboard experience and you can type on them for the whole day.

Build Quality

Laptop build quality for long run
Laptop build quality for long run

Build quality for programming laptops should be a bit rugged as developers need to code whole day-in-and-out. So having a soft body laptop or a laptop that can bend can cause some serious hardware damages, which can lead to delay in work and deliverables. Go for a little rugged type laptops like Lenovo ThinkPap or YogaPad

Heating Thermals

Heatsink can save the day
Heatsink can save the day

As you need to code, compile, and debug every time, ensure that you have amazing thermals in your laptop. As processing power will be utilising a lot that can lead to heating issues. So keeping an extra fan and good heat sink can save your day with perfect and successful compiling of codes.

With OS or Without OS

Operating System is the key while buying
Operating System is the key while buying

Well while buying a laptop it is important to decide your OS platform that you want to use. Because without OS laptops can be really pocket friendly, whereas I personally recommend them only when you have to use some Linux Distro. Whereas Windows can also be installed on those laptops but sometimes registering the license becomes an issue, so leave it to the laptop manufacturers.

Although kind of OS is totally dependent on which type of development you wanna do. For iOS and Apple ecosystem based developers has to use Mac systems only. Even though using any type of OS is very much open to all Website Developers as most of the things will run as HTML and that is fully supported by almost every OS.

Moreover it becomes issue when you have to select Android app development and other types of development. Because Linux distros and Windows both allow a great development experience and both differs from each other. Whereas many tools for development are available for both Linux and Windows. But if you have to do dotnet and game development then Windows is the best option in that space.

So next time don’t be confuse while buying your laptop to code. Just consider these things and test your laptop properly. Also don’t forget to check online ratings and feedback before buying the laptop.

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