Yes, hardware cost reduces with time – here are the reasons

On the economy, it’s the rule whenever a product launches then its cost/price will increase or decrease as per the demand. The IT sector was always booming with the attraction of new inventions & the management becomes much easier than ever with the computers.

Hardware costs with time
Hardware costs with time

Then what actually happens that reduces Infrastructure cost? Here are some of the major reasons:

  • Overwhelming demand and supply.
  • Competition among all the manufacturers, vendors & different companies.
  • Daily technology update & downgrade.
  • Ease to the customer to buy the product.

These above-given reasons are based on my observations over the years.

The “world of computers” is a field that is not only very young but is also rapidly changing. In one lifetime, computers have evolved from a multimillion-dollar unit that filled entire buildings, to a few hundred dollar personal computers that fit on a desktop with more power than its predecessor. How do this change in cost, size, and power affect our management decisions? To look at these areas, it should be understood that each character not only makes a significant impact on management but is enhanced by the other two changes.

The reduction in IT costs over time has the obvious implications of reduced overhead costs for a company’s management and possibly a smaller budget requirement for the IT department. Closer inspection of the lower computer costs shows that the reduced overhead can have several implications dependent on management decisions. One decision would be to show an increased profit on the end product’s margins. This makes stockholders very happy. 

Management could also decide to provide more computer technology for the company without an increase in budget or provide hardware with less compromise in functionality. The additional money could be used for additional or special infrastructure needs.

A company would have to research whether the increase in infrastructure would be able to provide the necessary competitive advantages or productivity increase. IT management might also decide to take an exhaustive look at the entire company and its business process’ to determine if other areas might use the money for upgrades as well. These upgrades can be in the manufacturing process, research, and development, sales, or in manufacturing to name a few.

The cost reduction also impacts the reduction in the size of the computer hardware which has been getting smaller and smaller.

Reduction in size of Hardware with time

Computers were always giving an impact from the start of their generation. The first computer when it got invented was the size of a room. Then slowly the computer was getting compact with the time. Now even we use Laptops/Tablets/iPads on the go anywhere we want. Even though smart-phones are also getting more 

Mobility of the device is the major point for reducing the size of the hardware because need to have all the options with them wherever they are. First, there were a lot of big size machines on the computers but then we have chips, slots which works a lot faster in comparison to them & they don’t space a lot.

Although while evaluating the infrastructure IT department should consider solutions like Neverware’s CloudReady (recently acquired by Google). That enables them to convert an old laptop or desktop machine to a Chromebook or a Chromedesk. This kind of solution has better ROI and give old laptops another life.

Increase in Power of Hardware with time

The maximum usage needs the resources also. For computers, their resource is electricity/power, air-conditioners (for large servers), accessories, and many other things. And with time we are now used to personal computers or gadgets that we keep on for like infinity. For that manufacturers also launching powerful new devices day by day to make work faster, easier & convenient. 

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