Windows Phone 7 on Nokia

WP7 Nokia

Recently there were so many rumors online that the Nokia and Microsoft are in discussion for the partnership. The discussion was not for Windows Phone 7 Applications to run on Nokia mobiles but the discussion was Nokia should start manufacturing the mobile phones running Windows Phone 7 on them.

Till now there are no official handsets numbers are not announced yet, but Nokia seems to be very interesting in launching the Windows Phone 7 mobiles in the market. Nokia would also like to join the league of Dell, HTC, LG, Samsung and some other companies if these rumors are true. This might be a very strange partnership between Microsoft & Nokia even the Nokia’s support for Symbian.

Nokia is a very big gun in the mobile phone’s market and mainly known for its hardware, creating innovative handsets for the market but their software or OS Symbian seems to be declining from last sometime because the Apple’s iPhone iOS and Google Android has launched into the market and they are giving Symbian and Nokia a very big competition.

According to a Russian news source (, says that the Microsoft and Nokia have been in talks from some past months about the manufacturing of the Windows Phone 7 handsets by Nokia. If Nokia starts manufacturing the Windows Phone 7 handsets this may be Microsoft is looking for the increase their sales of the Windows Phone to an extent level.

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