Why @Google should launch @ChromiumOS ISO for PCs like Linux Distro

Google's Chrome OS
Google’s Chrome OS

Google Chrome/Chromium OS has shown some real potential to manufacturers like Acer, Asus, HP and others to run Chrome OS to their devices. Google Pixel Slate is considered to be one of the best Chrome OS device available today, even though MKBHD had a different review regarding it, but still some guys who own the best tech spec for the same, the device is really good for them.

Well in the latest release of Chrome OS we have seen that Chrome OS now enables to run Linux apps and you can have a proper Linux Terminal to run all your installation and other commands. To enable this option you need to go into Chrome Settings > enable the ‘Linux’ options to run Linux apps on it.  Make sure to check which Chromebook is supported for the same as this option is not available for all the Chromebooks available.

Well more interesting would be to give Chrome OS as a Linux distro to install and run any computer or smart devices available, just like other Linux distros available publicly.

There are few reasons for the same, and this will be a great initiative by Google to promote Chromium OS at an enormous level:

Debain as backend:

Debian is running at the back of Chrome OS
Debian is running at the back of Chrome OS

(Image Source: https://www.debian.org/logos/)

Chrome OS is basically Linux itself as it run on top of Debian. We have already seen Ubuntu which is a massive hit for all the techies and majority of servers run it, and at the backend Ubuntu is also Debain Linux available from Canonical. Chrome OS could be a version of Debian that can target large no of techies in both server and consumer space both. With a little change and providing all the Linux services out-of-the-box will make this platform great.

Terminal and same commands:

Terminal the key to Linux
Terminal the key to Linux

As Terminal is something which familiar to any Linux user this same thing applies to Chrome OS to get more and more users in no time. If Chrome OS is available to hands-os just like other Linux distros, Terminal will play a big role in it. Because running all server capabilities just like it from a client focused OS will surely provide an edge to Google. Also commands are same as Debain commands so there is nothing special you need to learn for Chrome OS terminal that will also keep the user engaging as user doesn’t need to learn anything new.

Maximum developer hands-on:

Developers hands-on
Developers hands-on

Currently to access Chrome OS on your computer you need to run it as Emulator from Android Studio. Whereas once it is available publicly to install on any computer, developers will have more insights to get better hands-on to the platform. Developers can focus better to build apps for the platform. This will ensure robustness and reliability of the platform in each category. Also this will bring in more apps to the platform and proper businesses that can run on Chrome OS platform.

This proper release of Chrome OS publicly as a Linux distro will surely be a hit, as a lot of experts in the tech industry are just waiting for this happen in real life. There will be more to see and could bring in some change in OS industry as everyone on the internet is using consciously or sub-consciously using some or thee other Google services.


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