Turnoff Autoplay in Windows 7

There are times when it’s super convenient to have Windows automatically do something when you insert some media or a device into your PC, such as when you insert a DVD and it starts playing.  There are times when it’s not, here’s the easy way to stop it for specific devices (or media) in just 2 steps…

  • Insert the device or media and the AutoPlay popup will appear, at the bottom is the magic option View more AutoPlay options in Control Panel.  Select this.

turn off autorun 1


  • Next you’ll be given the same option for every type of media you can play on your machine and for all the devices that you currently have attached.  Change this to Take no action from Ask me every time (1 in the screenshot below) to make Windows 7 ignore the device from the point of view of doing something automatic with it.  (iTunes will still start with your iPod because it’s not actually Windows that makes that decision, there’s a program running in the background that watches for your iPod).  Click the Save button to save and activate the setting, and you can test it by disconnecting your device and adding it again.

turn off autorun 2


If you do the same thing with the memory card for your camera every time you insert it you can also change the option to Import pictures and video using Windows to automatically bring everything into your Pictures library

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