The smart way to buy a Mac is buying a base model

Apple has always given a lot of options to buy iMac, Macbooks, and Mac Mini. In which you get a wide variety of options to choose from and can get a Mac of your need.

The smart way to buy a Mac is buying a base model
The smart way to buy a Mac is buying a base model

Now with M1 chips, Mac’s performances have boosted up with the ultimate computing. But there are still some compatibility issues (for which Apple is working gregariously) with tools/software and virtual machines.

In Intel Mac days you did had the option to change everything in your Mac. Whether your graphics module, other I/Os, even though your processor too. Now with M1 that might have become limited but still option is not much there.

Although, getting on with which type of Mac is best to buy is really a wide topic to discuss on. Because everyone has a different style of computing requirements, budget, and on-the-go requirements. This is my personal choice that I always buy an entry-level Mac or a base model.

I suggest this because of better cost-effectiveness and buying a little old generation Mac makes fewer compatibility issues. So, in the last couple of years, I bought one Macbook Pro 2018 generation with Touch ID, Intel 8th Gen i5 Processor, 256 GB SSD, 13″ inch base model. And it is still going fine I don’t have software issues so far, upgrading to Mac OS Big Sur was a smooth experience on it.

So many people buy a high load ended Mac machine and use it for like 8-9-10 years maybe then doing an upgrade to the computer they need. Because they spec out the whole machine once it is being consumed and get outdated like anything.

But that’s not the case with everyone some people do upgrade frequently like after every 3-4 years in their Mac. With this segment of people, every time buying a high-end-loaded spec machine isn’t a good option financially.  So upgrading to new Macs is a good experience and keeps the users updated with the new Apple’s tech stack, security, and luxury.  It’s good to upgrade. But if you’re the one who does it frequently go for base models to spec out the machine at its best and while upgrading you should feel it is worth every time.

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