Apple’s Let loose event was actually about iPads, but did you notice these points also?

No secondary camera in iPad Pro

As I mentioned earlier about the Apple’s Let Loose event on May 07, 2024 was actually about iPads. Some of the predictions were true with new gen iPads, as shown at the event. New Silicon from Apple, slimming the iPad Pro, and two different screen size for iPad Air, everything was worth a watch. Although Apple didn’t callout a few things that they changed and hardly anyone noticed.

Apple event, let loose on 07 May 2024
Apple event, let loose on 07 May 2024

Let’s hit the rewind button and re-analyze the what Tim Cook’s team actually cooked at the Let Loose event. Continue reading “Apple’s Let loose event was actually about iPads, but did you notice these points also?”

How #Sidecar works on #macOS #Catalina @Apple

Sidecar the great option for extended screening on macOS Catalina and iPad

While reviewing Apple’s macOS Catalina one feature that’s appreciated the most is without any doubt, Sidecar. Even though I have posted an update about it on my Instagram, after successfully setting up the Sidecar screen sharing between MacBook Pro and iPad.

Sidecar is actually a life saver for many designers, presentation creators and app developers who always require a secondary screen with additional functionality.

Many users are benefitting from it, who are usually working on-the-go and need secondary screen for their work requirements. Sidecar cures that pain point and make their work easier. Continue reading “How #Sidecar works on #macOS #Catalina @Apple”

Microsoft Windows 7 on Apple iPad

Apple I-pad a 9.7” display tablet device which is made for the web-browsing & reading stuffs. But now you can do real work on this sleek & eye catching device. If you or your company has XenApp or VDI XenDesktop ( Now you can install or virtualizes the Microsoft Windows 7 on your Apple I-Pad with the Citrix VDI XenDesktop at the resolution of 1024×768 as shown in the picture given below:


Windows applications run unmodified and securely in the data center, and even multiple applications at once. The advancements that were made for the Citrix Receiver for iPhone will carry over to the iPad, however the iPhone restrictions of screen size and small keyboards are overcome with the iPad. It’s a beautiful thing ! The iPad looks to be an ideal end point device that can empower users to be productive were ever they are and IT will be able to safely deliver company hosted virtual desktops and apps without worry.