Configuring or Deploying ‘Telrik TestStudio for iOS’ on iOS Simulator on XCode Mac

Telerik TestStudio is an automation testing tool for all phase which a tester requires. Test Studio automates functional, load & performance testing to improve and fasten up the tester’s job. TestStudio is also available for iOS you can install it on your iOS Devices: iPhone, iPad & iPodTouch via App Store.

So, installing or deploying TestStudio on iOS Simulator is also available. But before that you need to have:

  • Apple Mac installed with Latest version of XCode
  • Telerik Account which you can easily make with filling a form or can connect with Microsoft Account or Gmail too.
  • A bundle file (Test-Studio-for-iOS-2-5.dmg) which contains: XCode Workspace, Test Studio Extension, Test Studio demo app for iOS Simulator.  (Note: You need to be logged in from your Telerik Account to download this file)
Let’s deploy TestStudio on iOS simulator, with a very few simple steps:
Step 1: Extract all the files in folder from Test-Studio-for-iOS-2-5.dmg
Step 2: Locate TestStudio for iOS folder in Finder extracted from the DMG file. 
Step 3: Open TestStudioSimulator folder:
Step 4: Open Terminal and give the location of TestStudioSimulator folder
Step 5: When TestStudioSimulator folder is Open in Command Terminal, now run this python file with given below command:
Step 6: Now this Python will install TestStudio Extension in iOS Simulator and in terminal it will show you ‘Installation Complete’ message.

Step 7: Now Open xCode and start the iOS Simulator and check whether Test Studio Extension for iOS is installed properly. Just Navigate to XCode > Open Developer Tools > iOS Simulator

Now you can proceed with checking and start playing with TestStudio on iOS Simulator.
(here you can see the TestStudio icon in iOS Simulator)
(Starting up of TestStudio for iOS in iOS Simulator)
(TestStudio’s first page after opening in iOS Simulator)
Now start deploying TestStudio for iOS in iOS Simulator & iOS Devices and keep testing Apps to know their performance, function & load for more improvements in your apps.