#PDC10 #Del KeyNote by the Steve Ballmer

So here we are when the #PDC10 get started & the countdown starts with the man himself Mr. Steve Ballmer (CEO, Microsoft Corporation). PDC is actually the event for the all new upcoming technology for the Developers Centric peoples. So, the best tools which are out there form Microsoft are got shown by the Steve Ballmer today & it was awesome to watch live here @ the Microsoft’S Office, Gurgaon #Del.

The tech starts with the Web by the HTML 5 & IE 9 which has actually shown how to make the web alive not in look n feel but how to make it more intuitive just with the few clicks. This will be the new era for the web when we just need to code very simply just with the tags we have in the HTML & effects can be much more better than ever we have.

IE 9 is gonna kill all the other web browsers which are the in the market now because the new features like pinning in the web with the jump-list are just awesome and the platform preview which is avail for download from today itself are on the http://ietestdrive.com a must use for every developer to test his/her product or web on it.

The Windows Azure is the new platform give by the Microsoft will gonna take over all the new corporates or enterprises because the new features in it will be very help full & the you don’t need to take care for anything but you need to pay for it Smile with tongue out that’s what is always required. But the compatibility between the our PC’s app which we are developing & on the cloud will gonna be same so in short the Windows Azure will the next only platform for all the web appz.

Steve Ballmer also told us for the Windows Phone 7 will be the era of new Mobility which we can’t resist at all. The Windows Phone 7 will be much more help full for all the Designers because the UI of the Windows Phone 7 is awesome and the Windows Phone 7 is the one of the most famous Mobile OS between all the Developers yet.

Some more stuffs told by Steve Ballmer like 209 Million Licensed Windows 7 has been sold till last year & which is a very big fact of the year yet. so, #PDC10 #Del Rocks simply.! Smile

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