Motowrokr: The Medical Smartphones



Smartphones are the best choice and benefitting professionals with convenient apps that now schedule their life. Now, there’s a new concept smartphone will be having specifically to medical professionals or doctors or students called the Motoworkr.

Motoworkr is designed or developed by an Italian Designer Marco Vanella, the Motoworkr smartphone convert itself as a tool to help doctors and nurses with regular health checkups and provides first-aid during emergencies. The phone also has a Bluetooth thermometer and tensiometro port that reads medical cards to update or transfer health records of patients.

Motoworkr will give the flexibility to keep the work and record for each and every patient very frequently and accurately. The smartphone will also going to have some more functionality like sugar testing, Blood Pressure measuring, Calcium checking, work as a hearing aid, color blindness testing etc. which will makes it pure medical gadget. The phone will launch in many varieties according to the work field.

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