Migrating blog from LiveSpaces to WordPress.com


As per the liveSapces will be getting close very soon (on 16th March, 2011 live spaces will be no more) that’s why I have upgraded my blog to WordPress.com. So, I also feel that WordPress is a very nice blog to have & have some of the those options which were also not there in the LiveSpaces. There are very few & easy steps to upgrade the blog form LiveSpaces to wordpress.com I’ll show you how to do that:

1. go through:  LiveSpaces to WordPress Upgrading Center

2. Then it will ask you for the Continue to with the WordPress.com upgradation as per given below in the screenshot:


well from here you can get started with upgrading your blog WordPress.com from LiveSpaces. If you feel you can also download the your previous post from here also & if you need to delete the your LiveSpaces you can also do that as well.

2. Now it will ask you to get Continue with the up-gradation of your Windows LiveSapce to WordPress.com like this:


3. Now you will come straight away on to the WordPress.com:

Wordpress.com Here it will ask you to get sign up for the upgrading wordpress a/c or if already have a wordpress.com sign-in with it. (In my case i already have wordpress a/c, so i am signing with it.)

4. Now it will ask you to get connect with the LiveSpaces to WordPress.com with a Connect button give on the screen:


5. Now a pop-up will come & ask you to authenticate your live a/c to connect with the wordpress.com:


6. Now in my case when i already have a WordPress a/c I can create a new blog or i can upgrade it on the my same blog. If you dont have have wordpress a/c then it will automatically create a new blog url & make you sign up for wordpress as per your credential needed:


Now i’ll create a new blog for me to upgrade.

7. Now the setup will ask you to create the new URL and your other credentials to get started with the blog:


8. Now the migrating will get start & get finish in a few seconds or minutes as per the no. blog posts you are having after the completion of Migration you will recive a mailer form WordPress.com and there you will also get your blog URL as well to chek up the your new blog:


After all these steps you can get start with the your new WordPress.com blog from LiveSpaces with the all your previous posts on the new blog.


Note: After migrate from LiveSpaces to WordPress it will just have all the previous posts but all the other widgets & stuffs it will not get migrate.

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