is changing their looks with a new tag line

Microsoft the world’s biggest brand, is now changing their looks of the home page of the web with a new tagine “Be What’s Next”. This new look not only actually shows you the better look and feel but it will be very easier to finds the things on the website. This time the there are lots of change on the home page. Currently , its just for the preview after a few days it will be up as a default home page of the web. You all can check the newer look of the web here:


In the above given screenshot you can see a few changes on the webpage. Like now it has the arrow buttons or pics to browse through the products. The new tagline looks super cool now with the logo. The Menu Bar this time is really very good and simple but no sub-menus to it now.

The “I Want To” features is the biggest advantage this time to gather information in just a few clicks. The Windows Phone Ad now is the awesomest seen here now.

The search now on the web is the best look now. Because now when you click on the search bar it will show two options whether to search with in the or on the bing according to your choice (see the screenshot below for it) .



This is the new look:



This is the older or current look:


Now you can compare both according to yourself and vote which one is better

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