Invest in a decent gaming laptop rather than going for a @Microsoft @Surface laptop

Microsoft is giving out some amazing laptops in the recent past with the “Surface” line-up. The power performance-packed laptops with ultimate Windows experience gives a complete package a laptop could have asked for.

Whereas these laptops are not that pocket-friendly. They really suck up the pockets. I am all game for the performance and quality of the product but don’t want to lose on the money part too.

So what is the best way? Well if you’re the one who just wants the best performance of Windows laptops for Gaming, Programming, and other computing tasks with a little bit of mobility, then invest in an entry-level or mid-level Gaming laptop. As performance and experience of Windows will gonna be the same on a Surface laptop and a Gaming laptop.

Although with beefy hardware you can get the most out of it and future customizations are also easy on a mid-level gaming laptop. You can get the maximum of GPU out of it, maximum of the SSD/HDD, CPU will be the best performing, and hardware configurations are robust in nature in any Gaming laptop.

But there are somethings more to it, let’s discuss them in detail:

  • Build over performance:
    Gaming laptops have the awesome build quality and usually comes with the best keyboard. Even with some hefty Gaming laptops, you get mechanical keyboard inbuilt with them. Moreover, these laptops come in a wide variety of configurations whereas the Surface is more of a closed-loop with a limited number of options only.


  • Reach and support:
    Microsoft services are good but most of it helps with Windows-related stuff only. With Surface hardware, you get some issues that can be fixed but sometimes it becomes a tedious task whereas, multiple brands like Dell Alienware, Asus ROG, MSI, and others provide superior support after-sales. Although everyone has their own experiences with the support is usually extended with the 3rd party companies.


  • Custom configurations:
    Well, this point I have touched already but now I want to emphasize it differently because Microsoft Surface once build and delivered there is no chance to upgrade. Whereas other OEM laptops make sure either they or market experts can make quick changes and gives you the best hardware configurations. You can have the facility to change your storage, RAM, processor, GPU, keyboard, trackpad, and anything on the laptop. With time you can upgrade as per your requirements.


  • Experience vs. experience:
    The surface is not Mac. It is a PC. Years of the lineage of Apple with building hardware that can showcase a brand whereas Microsoft has a more robust software scenario with Surface being their primary crown jewel. Performance and experience will be better in some aspects, however, might get throttled in some other area.


  • Seekers vs. Pros
    To have a machine for daily use with gaming as an aspect and to use a machine like it is meant to be used. These means are you the one who is just looking for a device to get your job done or looking for something extra in terms of regular computing with daily gaming. Because if you’re a content creator then going for a Surface laptop could be a good option to edit photos, videos, and a little bit of writing on the go. Whereas if you’re a pro segment kind of person for gaming and other tasks it’s better to have a beefy configuration laptop/desktop and get your job done with uttermost experience.


  • Budget:
    So Surface laptops are good, sleek, and high-performing devices but their costing isn’t just right. The best performing Surface 4 laptop also costs around $2K+ in which budget you can have some of the great gaming laptops too from Dell, ASUS, Acer, and other companies. Yes, Microsoft also has AMD Ryzen based Surface with great performance but does that configuration suffice the user and his gaming needs. That’s the question mark I have on from the start. We get a Windows laptop to work, game, and entertainment, and those all things can be catered from a Gaming laptop too.

    Surface 4 pricing
    Surface 4 pricing


So in my opinion, if you can get better performance with a mid-level Gaming laptop it’s better to invest in that kind of laptop rather than going for Microsoft Surface. So that you can get the most out of your investment.

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