How to customize or add your own Tabs/Ribbon in PowerPoint/Office 2010?

While designing some presentation I use to face a problem every-time which is actually the going in a Tab & watching out for my option which I need to use again & again but its the sub-option or sub-menu of that menu/option. But Office 2010 has really helped me out with this issue by having the option of to add my own tab by which I don’t need to go through that same option again & again. So, now I can simply browse my own Tab/Ribbon to add that command/function/option quickly in my presentation.

How to:

1. Go to the “File” tab & select/click “Options”.


2. A new window of “Options” will appear. In that window select “Customize Ribbon


3. In “Customize Ribbon” select “New Tab” button below the Right Pane. Then 2 new options will pop in the Right pane as shown below in the picture.


4. Rename the new Tab/Option according to your own usage with the Right-Click & selecting “Rename” & there is Rename button given below the pane.


6. Add the items from the left pane to right pane in the New Tab which you have created as shown in the picture below.


Now your tab/ribbon is added now in the Ribbon panel of the application & you can start using it.


Note: While adding the elements/functions in the new tab actually it will not add straight in to the tab for that there is by default 1 group will be created you can add your elements into group & those all options will be shown in that new tab.

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