How programming can help non-tech/non-programming guys?

Bill Gates on learning to code

(Source: Code.Org)

Many people love to code because they love the challenge to solve problems by a programming language, plus they are excited for computers & want to build career creating websites, mobile and desktop applications. But what happens to those guys who don’t want to build career doing that but still learn ‘how to code’.

Large number of people don’t like to learn programming as it is time consuming and they have lack of interest. But today, we are always surrounded with computing devices & gadgets from our mobile to cars and wrist watches have become sort of computing devices to make our daily tasks more productive. If computers are at all parts of our life then learning to code is going to improve your life.

Even once Apple’s Co-Founder Steve Jobs saidI think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.

The biggest benefit of learning to code is that it teaches you an iterative approach of solving problems and test our ideas in more dynamic way. Computer programming is not a rocket science whereas it’s a ‘life utility’ that can help you in automating your tasks, provide critical thinking for a process and teaches you how to actually start.

What should I create first? Should that be something big?

That’s the most basic problem with most of the people who start learning computer programming. Because many people think programming can only be utilized for big tasks and big business only.

For programming it doesn’t matter which kind of program you want to build. What matters is building something that is useful for your daily routine. It shouldn’t have to be something big. You can start with a “Hello World” program and later on you can think or invent something that can ease your work.

Some people use programming in their professional and personal life to automate their processes. Like one of my friend he is a video editor uses a python script in his work place to automatically create folders for the day and video course wise. That script asks for the location to create folder and number of folders to be created. Being a video editor using python script isn’t the part of his job but he still uses it to make his work life easier and save time by creating each folder manually for each location.

With the present culture of SMEs and MNCs it’s important that every professional should have at least basic understanding of programming. If you guys don’t know how to code but still learn some basics of it. There are many online channels available like: CodeCademy,, Udemy, edX, etc. to learn computer programming.

So learn how to code and make your life much easier than ever before

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