Got a new smartphone, then don’t go for protection plan with @OneAssist_in. It’s a money minting scam..

We all always want to own a Premium Smartphone like iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy but we control our crave for it by thinking of if it get damaged physically and liquid damage is worst than imagination. That’s why companies like OneAssist come forward to ensure any kind of damage will be taken care of and you use your “Premium” smartphone rigorously just by paying a small amount of money to them. Even with this they offer door-step pick-up and delivery to save customer’s time, which sounds really awesome.

This sounds super cool, and OneAssist not only offer these services for premium smartphones it goes beyond that. You can get these services for your budget mobile devices, home appliances and can register your banking cards for the better protection which gives 360 degree of protection to all the ‘substances’ you own.

But the question is, do you really feel safe for your device after paying for the same? Well the matter of fact, I don’t feel the same. Just like above I mentioned about owning a ‘Premium Smartphone’ I also own a Google Pixel 2 XL that I bought in last week of November 2017, almost a near time after it’s launch. And just like others to feel safe about the device I also paid for the services of OneAssist for Physical and Liquid damage somewhere near 2018 new-year time (almost end of December).

Now everything was going fine but one day my phone got a small damage on the corner side by falling from my pocket while driving to home. Well it’s a minor damage on back side and my phone is still working completely fine.

Just like many other bloggers I also have a day-job that kept me busy for a while so I didn’t claim for the repair just when the damage happened. But when I claimed for the damage it got failed and reason was ‘Delay’ in claiming. Then I claimed the same damage again-and-again and every time it got rejected. Reason: that “a customer can not claim more than twice and every time it has to be a different damage. After confirming this I was like ‘Wow’ (in-my-mind) and that too not in a good way.

Damaged part of my Phone
Damaged part of my Phone

So just because I got a little late (obviously due to my busy work schedule) to claim the damage first time I won’t get my damage fixed according to the norms of “OneAssist services”. So OneAssist try to understand everyone cares about their devices so much because these are the ones that run our business, our job, our finance/banking and our communication to the world but if someone is being busy in doing their job or work and get late in claiming, you just can’t deny to repair the device or your services. Now you’re loosing the ‘Customer Satisfaction‘ point here which is the most crucial point in running the business and this kind of behaviour completely states that you’re here just to grow your finance and high numbers of customers but not to satisfy damage security burden on our heads.

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