Yes, hardware cost reduces with time – here are the reasons

On the economy, it’s the rule whenever a product launches then its cost/price will increase or decrease as per the demand. The IT sector was always booming with the attraction of new inventions & the management becomes much easier than ever with the computers.

Hardware costs with time
Hardware costs with time

Then what actually happens that reduces Infrastructure cost? Here are some of the major reasons:

  • Overwhelming demand and supply.
  • Competition among all the manufacturers, vendors & different companies.
  • Daily technology update & downgrade.
  • Ease to the customer to buy the product.

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Top 10 ways to grow #Followers or #Connections on @LinkedIn

Networking is the key to achievement today for everyone on LinkedIn. Many MNCs and SMEs connect with their customers over the professional network. Even with the current situation of social media organizations are investing in as a necessity because it is the easiest way to engage with customer. This also grows the professional networking to get more business opportunity.

Does a huge no. of network matters?

Connecting with more 1st Degree, with 2nd Degree and 3rd Degree connections or followers make your profile visibility up in the LinkedIn search. Search engine reacts accordingly to degree of connections you have. If you miss out on any of the degree your company will not visible in that degree of connection search. So it simply means that huge number of connections or followers matters when you need your online visibility everywhere.

Tip 1: Make strategy to get 1st Degree connection:

Strategically build your connections with 1st degree profile as they are the industry leaders and many people follow the connections of these 1st degree profiles. Even though LinkedIn search engine algorithm will place your profile on top accordingly.

Tip 2: Personalize connection request

Don’t just send the “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” as Invitation request. Make your connection feel engaging with you from the start. Personalize or edit the default invitation request according to the person you meet.

Personalized invitation message on LinkedIn

Tip 3: SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Optimize you LinkedIn page according to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Include all the relevant keywords in your description and posts to get more traffic and followers. Especially in long Posts if you are putting the relevant keyword tend to get you more traffic from search engines.

Tip 4: Promote LinkedIn through other social and marketing channels

Share your LinkedIn page on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Quora etc. Use LinkedIn plug-in on your blog or company website with LinkedIn Share button for each blog post and always send a link of your LinkedIn page in marketing or any communication mailers.

Tip 5: Regularly share content

For more interaction post useful and interactive content regularly. Post at least once a day to keep the engagement going on. Multi-media content is best to share on LinkedIn. Without continuous content updating your profile is unlikely grow and gives you less or irrelevant followers.

Tip 6: LinkedIn groups

Create and connect with industry related groups on LinkedIn. Periodically share your blog posts, updates and engage with industry experts in the group to keep the discussion going on.

Tip 7: Ask for endorsement

LinkedIn endorsement is great way to show your professional skills to get notice and value your skills & knowledge. So request your work colleagues and managers to endorse you on LinkedIn. Also send a personal Thank You message to everyone who endorse you.

Tip 8: Use links for better engagement

Make sure to include links in your posts to provide source of your post and data. According to survey LinkedIn Posts with link generate 45% higher engagement than those without.

Tip 9: Ask your employees to add company page on their profiles

If your employees are on LinkedIn ask them to add company page as their workplace. By doing this an employee automatically becomes a follower of the company page.

Tip 10: Engage with connections update also

Keep an eye on your wall regularly to engage with connections and followers on their posts. You can start a relationship with people in your network by start commenting on their post or update. This leads to more visibility and people will know more about your online existence.  

Increase “Undos” in Microsoft PowerPoint or Office Suite

We do mistakes a lot while working and mistakes always makes us learn a lot. But computing gives we pleasure to edit the mistakes. While designing the Presentations we always have the issue with the numbers of level of undo for the PowerPoint. This is one the major issue we use to face in our daily life for creating presentations.

But when we keep Undoing our work we maximum time don’t count the number of level of undo we did. The default value is actually 20 in Microsoft PowerPoint for undoing the work and this limit is actually editable so, you can increase or decrease the limit according to your requirement.

Here I’ll show how we do it:

With Microsoft PowerPoint open, click on “File” button. 

Then click on “Options”.

Then window will appear like this.

Click on the “Advanced” tab given there in the left pane of it. 

Then window will appear something like this.

Then change the value on “Maximum number of Undos:” option.

NoteDefault level value is 20 for Undos but Minimum you can give 3 and Maximum you can give 150

With the help of increase or decrease in the level of undoing makes or work more convenient and accurate. A presentation looks good when they don’t hold any mistake in them whether in terms of designs or in terms of animations we provide in it. We can learn from mistakes only when we do correction in them and undo is the way to correct our mistakes to keep learning from the mistakes. This thing not applies with our presentations but anything we do in our life.

So, keep doing mistakes, keep undoing them without thinking of leveling and keep getting learn from your mistakes.