Bye bye, @Windows 7. You will be missed always…

It was yesterday, when best Windows OS ever had his last breath. 14-January-2020 will be remembered as demise of Windows 7. Microsoft launched the revolutionary Windows 7 about a decade and a half on 22-July-2009. Now all the techies need to say “Good Bye!” to Windows 7 forever.

Windows 7 is officially stopped now
Windows 7 is officially stopped now

Windows 7 bring in all the positivity after a big failure from Windows Vista. There was hardly anything about Windows Vista, anyone liked. Even the vendors find it difficult to build drivers for Windows Vista as Windows XP was more in demand. But with the launch of Windows 7 everything changed. Everything was fixed and the look-n-feel of Windows 7 was much better than ever.

Now that Windows 7 is not any more, so does it mean that users can’t continue using Windows 7. Obviously, continue using Windows 7. Here are few things just take care of:

  • Use an Anti-Virus that still support Windows 7
  • Update Firewall according Windows 7 usage
  • Limit any app upgradation
  • Use Windows 7 supported hardware only

Don’t want to continue with Windows 7, still there are plenty options to explore:

  • Go for a Mac:
    Macbooks, iMac, and other Apple devices are good to use if you’re moving from Windows environment. Apple environment is also very user friendly and the eco-system becomes more stronger if you include iPhones and iPads with it.Whereas Mac and other Apple products come with loosing a lot of pocket amount. So, maintain your budgets in prior.
  • Linux as a saviour:
    Fedora, Ubuntu, and OpenSuse for all the techies who want an OS except for Windows and that too for free. There is so much explore in Linux world. The whole open source arena runs around Linux ecosystem. Even though IoT developers are favouring Linux more than any other OS.
  • Upgrade to Windows 10:
    The most easiest and reliable option is to upgrade your PC to Windows 10. With new updates and access to many other features Windows 10 ensure the highest level of compatibility with all the apps of Windows 7. Plus, added security, syncing, and Xbox will make your experience much better on Windows 10.

Now that Windows 7 is not there anymore its highly recommend to upgrade your PC or move your infrastructure to another environment. This way you will be safe and your data will be more secured.

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