Apple Event on May 7 2024: Let loose

With in 24 hours on Apple TV or on YouTube we will witness the next Apple Event of 2024. This time the “Let Loose” tag line is the catch. I am having this feeling that Tim Cook will take leap in the iPad world. There are rumors for new iPad Pro and iPad Air models to launch. I agree on the new launches and upgrades, although I beg to differ on the pitch of the event. This time it would be about how this 12.9 inches of screen would make change on your lifestyle. How work would be efficient, what more you can do with the new Apple Pencil, and with the new Gen-AIs iPad would make you the creator with the a stroke on the screen. Which are eventually the highlight from the logo of the event.

Apple pen spin logo of Apple event May 07 2024
Apple pen spin logo of Apple event May 07 2024

This spinning Pencil impacts that, there are breakthrough upgrades with your iPad based work and drawings. Whereas the new super charged iPads will make your life easy to create any content piece. So are we gonna witness an Apple Pencil revolution? Can’t say but I would love to witness it.

In this particular event the new Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard are gonna be the major changes. Apple would try different strategy, as all iPad models will upgrade to another extension with:

  • M4 chips for Pro models with OLED Displays
  • M3 for Air models with 12.9 and 10.9 inches screen, to keep the range between good performance and lightweight
  • Minor upgrades to league models of iPad with iPad Mini

Although the spinning logo is the factor here, this time designers will be benefitted with this killer combination of new iPads and Apple Pencil.

Let’s tune in tomorrow at 07:00 AM PT. This time it is different.

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