Add “Smart-Art” to be more smart in your presentation

SmartArt helps you in creating high impact, professional diagrams. We can use it to focus visual message that you want to display or communicate to the audience.

So, PowerPoint is the base for SmartArt which not only represent the data or diagram the way you want even gives much more eye cool effect which makes the presentation to deliver information according to the audience.

So, let’s see how we do it:

        Open the PowerPoint and navigate to “Insert” tab
        In the Insert Tab click on SmartArt button.

        A new window will open from which you can select the SmartArt which you need in your presentation as per the requirement.

        Under “Type your text here” type your list of information that you want reflect in your diagram or flowchart.
        Click on “Design” tab and then select colors and styles from the available galleries to make your diagram looks more cool.

        Within the design tab you can find enormous number of options to style your SmartArt Graphics.
(this reflects 3D based style for the SmartArt)

(Give Color styling to make it looks more cooler or eye catchy)

So, through this styling diagrams doesn’t looks like your normal hand written diagrams but they will more treated like a picture in your presentation.

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