Apple’s Let loose event was actually about iPads, but did you notice these points also?

No secondary camera in iPad Pro

As I mentioned earlier about the Apple’s Let Loose event on May 07, 2024 was actually about iPads. Some of the predictions were true with new gen iPads, as shown at the event. New Silicon from Apple, slimming the iPad Pro, and two different screen size for iPad Air, everything was worth a watch. Although Apple didn’t callout a few things that they changed and hardly anyone noticed.

Apple event, let loose on 07 May 2024
Apple event, let loose on 07 May 2024

Let’s hit the rewind button and re-analyze the what Tim Cook’s team actually cooked at the Let Loose event. Continue reading “Apple’s Let loose event was actually about iPads, but did you notice these points also?”

Apple Event on May 7 2024: Let loose

Apple event, let loose on 07 May 2024

With in 24 hours on Apple TV or on YouTube we will witness the next Apple Event of 2024. This time the “Let Loose” tag line is the catch. I am having this feeling that Tim Cook will take leap in the iPad world. There are rumors for new iPad Pro and iPad Air models to launch. I agree on the new launches and upgrades, although I beg to differ on the pitch of the event. This time it would be about how this 12.9 inches of screen would make change on your lifestyle. How work would be efficient, what more you can do with the new Apple Pencil, and with the new Gen-AIs iPad would make you the creator with the a stroke on the screen. Which are eventually the highlight from the logo of the event.

Apple pen spin logo of Apple event May 07 2024
Apple pen spin logo of Apple event May 07 2024

This spinning Pencil impacts that, there are breakthrough upgrades with your iPad based work and drawings. Whereas the new super charged iPads will Continue reading “Apple Event on May 7 2024: Let loose”

The Top 5 Apple Watch Hacks and How to Maximize your Wrist’s Potential

Apple Watch is a great device for those who want to stay connected, healthy, and active.

Here are 5 hacks that can help you make the most of your Apple Watch.

1) You can use your watch as a remote for your Macbook. Just open up the “Remote” app on your watch and you can control your Macbook from there.

Apple watch hacks
Apple watch hacks

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Now @opera Sidebar has TikTok too #operabrowser

Using TikTok as content reference

Opera is one of my favorite browsers, especially in mobile world Opera is one of the kings.

Opera has integrated a lot of new features to make desktop browsing easier, multitasking to switch different apps has gone another leap with its sidebar.

Now Opera has also introduced TikTok to its sidebar, on their desktop browser. Which is a phenomenal move.

Tiktok on Opera's Sidebar
Tiktok on Opera’s Sidebar

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The new @Apple M1 iMac – the “Slimmest Beast”

Apple knows how to showcase a product. They are the kings in that area. Apple in their last Special Event launched a number of products including Airtag, iPad Pro, iPhone 12 Purple, Apple TV 4k, and the most fascinating product was the new iMacs. The colorful newly designed iMacs powered with Apple’s own silicon M1 SoCs.

Apple's new M1 iMacs, colorful and powerful
Apple’s new M1 iMacs, colorful and powerful

The color iMacs isn’t something new. In the early 2000s, we witnessed colorful iMacs for the first time as G3. It’s like that feeling again. Having great iMacs on your desk with a colorful vibe to it. But the change is not just limited to colors. This time iMacs are slimmer than ever, these have the best processors M1 (as mentioned earlier), offer the same colored magic keyboard with Touch ID, magic mouse, trackpad, and cables. And the power brick also has an ethernet LAN port. Continue reading “The new @Apple M1 iMac – the “Slimmest Beast””

Invest in a decent gaming laptop rather than going for a @Microsoft @Surface laptop

Microsoft is giving out some amazing laptops in the recent past with the “Surface” line-up. The power performance-packed laptops with ultimate Windows experience gives a complete package a laptop could have asked for.

Whereas these laptops are not that pocket-friendly. They really suck up the pockets. I am all game for the performance and quality of the product but don’t want to lose on the money part too.

So what is the best way? Well if you’re the one who just wants the best performance of Windows laptops for Gaming, Programming, and other computing tasks with a little bit of mobility, then invest in an entry-level or mid-level Gaming laptop. As performance and experience of Windows will gonna be the same on a Surface laptop and a Gaming laptop.

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The smart way to buy a Mac is buying a base model

Apple has always given a lot of options to buy iMac, Macbooks, and Mac Mini. In which you get a wide variety of options to choose from and can get a Mac of your need.

The smart way to buy a Mac is buying a base model
The smart way to buy a Mac is buying a base model

Now with M1 chips, Mac’s performances have boosted up with the ultimate computing. But there are still some compatibility issues (for which Apple is working gregariously) with tools/software and virtual machines. Continue reading “The smart way to buy a Mac is buying a base model”

Yes, hardware cost reduces with time – here are the reasons

On the economy, it’s the rule whenever a product launches then its cost/price will increase or decrease as per the demand. The IT sector was always booming with the attraction of new inventions & the management becomes much easier than ever with the computers.

Hardware costs with time
Hardware costs with time

Then what actually happens that reduces Infrastructure cost? Here are some of the major reasons:

  • Overwhelming demand and supply.
  • Competition among all the manufacturers, vendors & different companies.
  • Daily technology update & downgrade.
  • Ease to the customer to buy the product.

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KFConsole: the gaming console from KFC

KFConsole - Gaming Console by KFC

(Source: CoolerMaster)

Today evening I was browsing through YouTube and landed up on this Lew Later’s video. That caught my eye with a flash. That really the chicken king KFC launched their Gaming Console with great specs. After a lilttle bit of more research and the articles floating around made it clear that the food-gaint is up for ‘gaming’.

This is an effort of KFC and Cooler Master to bring a gaming machine with a built-in chicken chamber. So cook chicken while you’re playing games and have it right away. This seems a little quirky, although it sounds awesome at the same time. Continue reading “KFConsole: the gaming console from KFC”

Awesome news! @Neverware #CloudReady is now part of @Google

Chrome OS is in buzz from the start. Chrome OS always impressed users due to its durability and quickness. It was a little difficult to get hands-on with Chrome OS and Neverware acted with it as a wish.

Not so long ago NetBooks were the big tech buzz and then Google offered a big paradigm shift to the market with Chromebooks. Light and powerful laptops loaded with Chrome OS. It is a perfect blend of hardware with software to perform daily tasks.

Neverware with CloudReady are now acquired by Google
Neverware with CloudReady is now acquired by Google

So what Neverware actually did with the Chrome OS ecosystem?

Do you own have an old laptop that you are not using anymore? Would you believe that can be converted into a Chromebook? Yes, that’s what Neverware offered with CloudReady to convert your laptop to a Chromebook. So that your normal tasks such as web browsing, checking Gmail. binge-watch Netflix, editing documents, and other tasks can be done from it. With the power of Chrome OS. Continue reading “Awesome news! @Neverware #CloudReady is now part of @Google”